Underground Rome Tour

The Underground Rome Tours, the other image of the Eternal City

One that is more hidden away.  Come and discover an alternative itinerary, the Catacombs, the Basilica of St. Clement and the Capuchin Crypt

CatacobsWe start our visit with a Roman Catacombs, the underground burial places located outside of the city center for hygienic reasons.  Very important for the Early Christian art.  It’s used beginning in the 2nd century AD.  We have miles and miles of Catacombs in the underground of Rome.

Going towards the Colle Oppio we find the Basilica of San Clemente, one of the very oldest in Rome and also one of the most famous medieval churches.  It was built at the end of the fourth century AD and was dedicated to St. Clement, the third pope of Rome.

In reality it consists of two superimposed churches built on top of some Roman constructions also in various layers.  We will visit the lower palaeo-Christian basilica.  Under this basilica it is possible to approach a Mitreo, built over the remains of 2nd-century houses.

The Underground Rome Tour finishes in the Capuchin Crypt where 4,000 bodies of the Capuchins where used to decorate some rooms.  Probably one of the strangest places in Rome.  The Capuchins were used to say not as someone to call a morbid fascination, but a place to reflex about our life that is temporary.  In the Capuchin Museum we will see one of the Caravaggio’s paintings, the beautiful St. Francis in meditation.




Price:  From 1 up to 5 people (including kids)  €250 in total.  Children till 12 years old are free, so don’t count them in the group but please let me know when they are coming.

Duration:  3:30 hours.

Weather:  Take place sun or rain.

When:  Everyday except Tuesday and Sundays.

Places that we will visit:  A Roman Catacomb, Basilica of St. Clement and its undergrounds, the Ludus Magnus (the school of the Gladiators) and the Capuchin Crypt and its Museum.

Meeting Point:  Metro Station Circo Massimo.

Dressing Code:  As in all the Roman Churches, they required shoulder and knees covered.  Shorts and skirt are fine but under your knees.  Photos are no allowed in this places.

Not including:  Fee Entrances to the Catacombs, Basilica of St. Clement and the Capuchin Crypt.  Transportation is included.