About Me


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Ciao a Tutti!

I’m Susana, an Official Tour Guide in Rome and Accredited in the Vatican City.

I don’t have Roman origins.  I came on holiday in 1994 and fell in love with the Eternal City.  It was very hard at the beginning to start my life from scratch again in such a different place, but my passion and love for Rome made everything easier.

My multicultural background – I was born and raised in Lima with Chinese and Portuguese grandparents, worked in Kuala Lumpur and Paris  – makes me easily connect with people from all over the world.

I studied Hotel Management in the Universidad Le Cordon Bleu in Lima,  so my career has always been focused on tourism.

Once in Rome, I obtained the Tour Leader License to travel around Europe. I then studied to be an Authorized Local Guide in Naples and to acquire the Travel Agent Manager License.  I started my own company, but what I really loved was strolling around Rome, which is why I decided to pass the national exam for the Tour Guide License in Rome.  It seems easy, but it´s not. It took me lots of studying and hard work to process all the information and to make my Rome and Vatican Tours easily understandable to everybody, ludic for kids and challenging enough for those who already have a strong historical knowledge.

Let me show you my city, Rome.

With the eyes of a tourist, but with the knowledge of a local.

Let me show you Rome with all my passion and love for her.

For your safety,  if you don’t book a tour with me please be sure that you are booking it with an Official Tour Guide in Rome.  Click here to see the Official Page of the Province of Rome with the list of all the Authorized Tour Guides in Rome.  You can find me as LAM PAAN SUSANA AYDITH.