Colosseum and Ancient Rome Tour

Enjoy a three hour with the Colosseum

and Ancient Rome Tour

This Tour starts at your hotel if it is located in downtown.

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During this tour we visit the Roman Forum, the main square in the Ancient Rome.  Originally a marketplace.  Became the most important place for all kinds of activities, political, religious, military and economical ones.  Actually, surrounded by the most beautiful remain of the Roman ruins.

In the Roman Forum is possible to see the Temple of Julius Caesar where people still leave flowers and candles on the remains of the altar,  the exact place where he was cremated.

Strolling the “Via Sacra” or “Sacred Way”, the road was part of the traditional Roman Triumph, we will reach the Basilica of Maxentius or Constantine, where the market of the Pepper was located and the Arch of Titus that inspired most of the modern triumphal arches like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France.

Then we will climb by the easy way, the Palatine Hill, where Rome has its origins according to the legend of Romulus and Remus.   And where several Emperors lived, with the exception of Nero, that after the big fire of the 64 A.D., decided to build his famous house the Domus Aurea.  The world Palatine is the origin of the world Palace, that means a place that housed the Emperor’s residence.

Finally, we will reach the Colosseum, the most famous Amphitheater of the Ancient Rome  to talk about the gladiators, the mock sea-battles and its bloody past.  Inside, you will revive in a ludic way all the history of the most important monument of the Ancient Rome.

Our Tour of the Colosseum and the Ancient Rome finishes inside the Colosseum if you want to spend more time inside.

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