Wines from the Lazio Region

Lazio winemakers are coming to terms with a new pardigm: the international boutique wine phenomenon. The quality of wines is increasing overall. Seventy percent of the wines made in Lazio are white wines. May wine drinker associate Rome with Frascati and its quaffable whites. Frascati is a townin the Alban Hills, quite close to Castel Gandolfo, the Summer Residence of the Popes.
According to the Gambero Rosso, these were the best wines of the 2012 in the Lazio Region

Frascati Sup. Epos 2010 – Poggio Le Volpi
Clemens 2009 – Casale Marchese
Montiano 2009 – Falesco
Grechetto Poggio della Costa 2010 – Sergio Mottura
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Cesanese del Piglio is one of the DOCG (d’Origine controllata e garantita – controlled and guaranteed origin, quantity and winemaking processes. When added RESERVA, means the wine has met additional aging requirements (usually 18 months beyond DOC or DOCG norms.
This is very good option and exception for the production on wine in the Lazio Region. From Persia, was introduce in the province of Latina in 1985. 100% syrah.
Red ruby color with violet hues;
intense, good persistence, with
fruity notes of currants, blueberries and cherries, cardamom and cinnamon. The taste is soft and warm, with good tannins and spicy notes of return of
black pepper in the final. Good to be serve with grilled tuna and Roman Pasta like Bucatina alla Matricciana.

The Markets of Trajan

This complex abutted the Forum of Trajan, one of the imperial fora, was a complex of shops, roads and public spaces. At the ground level of Trajan’s Forum, in a semi-circle, were shops with large doors and small windows above – the typical configuation of Roman stores.
By ascending steps between the shops, one could attain the next level were a road, nicknamed “Pepper Street” in modern times (Via Biberatica), the food court.
The highest two levels are made up of more shops and a large roofed public space called the Aula.
The Markets of Trajan were as sophisticated a set of commercial buildings as ever constructed in the Roman world.